How To Start Teaching Yoga: 10 Steps To Success

Thrilled to say my book is now published and available to purchase over on Amazon!

Essentially I wrote this for all the new and aspiring yoga teachers out there, who may be wondering just what in heck you do with a 200-hour yoga teaching certificate! I certainly remember a lot of feelings of uncertainty when I graduated from YogaLondon back in the summer of 2018, so I've done my best to answer all the questions I had then within its pages.

Where this book came from...

I never thought to have a book published on how to teach yoga. Like with most first-time authors it really was a case that the words were just pulled out of me once I started writing.

The irony is that this book was the phoenix that rose from the ashes of a failed opportunity. I was being considered as a guest lecturer on a yoga teacher training course for the business side, but sadly it was one of those opportunities that just wasn't meant to be.

But I had laid out all my plans and ideas and felt very passionately on the topic, as I'd spoken to many new and wannabe yoga teachers who felt very stuck. So I just started writing it all out, and a few months later there was a manuscript in my hands!

Who the book is for

I remember very clearly the afternoon when my teacher training ended. I had loved every minute of it but I sat on my bed feeling teary, scared, unsure and how on earth you got those first gigs.

This book is for those aspiring yoga teachers who feel the same way! I've done my utmost to lead you by the hand through each step of the process -- and how to not burn yourself out doing do. Whether it's the paperwork you need to get started, how to find those first cover classes or nail a scary audition.

Yoga business 101

While I love the spiritual side of yoga, becoming a teacher is also a business. And it requires the right mindset to make it work. Coming from the corporate world, for all it had left me feeling rather broken at the time, was absolutely a skillset I fell back on in order to hustle my way into getting started as a yoga teacher.

So be warned, those book is full of those hard truths! I don't see the point in sugar-coating it -- becoming a yoga teacher takes work and dedication. In fact, the hard work isn't so much in the teaching of the classes as it is arranging those opportunities for yourself. The teaching is the fun bit!

But I can absolutely say that becoming a full-time yoga and meditation teacher is the most rewarding and fulfilling career move I could ever have made. The chance to connect with people rather than cold digital marketing campaigns is something I wouldn't ever trade back.

Where to buy the book

If you think that How To Start Teaching Yoga: 10 Steps to Success is something you'd be interested in reading, or if there is an aspiring yoga teacher in your life, you can buy the book from Amazon, available in paperback and Kindle e-book.

Any questions about the book or about getting started as a yoga teacher, drop me a line over on my Instagram (@markbonington) or the contact form through my website.


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