"Do I want to devote energy to this?"

This is a simple question, but one that I've started asking myself with increasing regularity.

Amidst a sea of depressing world events, vanity-fuelled social media and frustrating news stories, simply pausing and saying to yourself "do I want to devote my energy to this?" can be a game-changer in your day and you're week.

News and media is fundamentally designed to illicit emotional responses from us, especially in this online clickbait world that we live in. And the more riled up we get, the more we come back to it. It's a vicious cycle that can be very insidious and hard to break out of -- just think about how you can lose 20 minutes in a seeming flash down an Instagram scroll hole.

And have you ever noticed how exhausting it is, being placed in an almost perpetual state of anger at the state of the world and the state of society? Do you feel that frustration at how much time it can take up, and the thousand other things that would have been a better use of your time? Me too.



Ask yourself: "Do I want to devote energy to this?"

If the answer is "no", then close it down/switch it off/log out/do whatever you need to do to release yourself. The choice of where you place your energy really is yours.

For more info and ideas on this, check out my Instagram video below.

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